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Waves (WAVES)

Blockchain for the People.

Traditional centralized crowdfunding and trading platforms rely on third parties to administrate and maintain them, sacrificing transparency, raising costs and risking loss or friction through reliance on a single point of failure. Waves is a decentralized platform that allows any user to issue, transfer, swap and trade custom blockchain tokens on an integrated peer-to-peer exchange. Tokens may represent a share in a crowdfunding project, a financial instrument, or any other item with inherent value.

Our Lite Client allows users to enjoy all the advantages of the Waves Ecosystem without the need to download the full blockchain, avoiding the need for substantial storage space and speeding application development.

Sasha Ivanov Founder and CEO
Guy Brandon Director of Communications
Ivan Shcheglov Integration Strategist
Cyrille Wetter Community Manager
Alexey Koloskov Scala Developer
Sergey Tolmachev Scala Developer
Sergey Ishchenko Front-end Developer
Alexander Bezkrovny Communications
Ted Cheng China Community Manager
Martin Spodymek Head Community Manager
Carlos M. Parada Brand Director
Alexy Kiselev Back-End Developer

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Last update: 12/16/2017