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Victoriouscoin (VTY)

The Cryptocurrency that Empowers

Victorious Coin aims to be simple but unique coin.

One of its goal is to build a community filled with services and products that it can enjoy. We have partnered with one community and will continue to seek partnership that can and will enhance the usage of Victorious Coin.

Victorious Coin design a funding where both the developer and investors will be in a safer zone.

This program is called, Interactive Coin Sales (ICS). Different from ICO and IPO where the sales of coin is announced, fund collected, Coin distributed and wait for exchange before investors start to trade and the whole roadmap be started.


Ticker: VTY
Algorithm: Scrypt
Hybrid: Pow/PoS
RPC Port: 7956
P2P Port: 7955
Block Reward: 10000 VTY
Last PoW Block: block 2000
Initial Amount: 9.8 B
Coinbase Maturity: 20 Blocks
Transaction Confirmations: 6 Blocks
Annual Stake: 38%
Minimum Coin Age: 8 hours

If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.

Last update: 11/21/2017