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Vertcoin (VTC)

Feature rich with special attention to privacy and permanent decentralization.

Vertcoin is different. Unlike many other coins you will see on this forum, Vertcoin has a purpose, a goal which drives the community and developers to constantly innovate. Committed to the decentralisation Satoshi originally dreamed of, Vert has consistently evolved over time to combat the threats to this dream. As a result, one of our main features is ASIC resistance, having forked successfully to a new proof of work algorithm called "Lyra2RE" upon discovering that Scrypt-N ASICs were being developed.

We believe that by keeping the mining process in the hands of those with generalised, low-risk, consumer grade hardware, we can lower the entry requirement for miners, increasing the number of individuals mining the coin which in turn leads to true decentralisation.


Ticker: VTC
Algorithm: Lyra2RE (Scrypt-N before block 208301)
Max Coins: 84 million VTC.
Block Time: 2.5 minutes
Subsidy Halves every 840,000 blocks (~4 years)
Difficulty Re-Target Time: Every block with Kimotos Gravity Well algorithm
Block Rewards: 50 coins per block
Premine: Zero – not premined


If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.

Last update: 12/16/2017