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VeriCoin (VRC)

Fast and secure digital currency.

Launched on May 10th, 2014, VeriCoin is a Proof-of-Stake-Time, (formerly Proof-of-Stake), Digital Currency that features a variable interest rate which fluctuates depending on how many coins the network is staking as well as how long you personally actively stake them to earn interest. Users who stake their coins for longer periods of time are rewarded more interest while simultaneously increasing the overall network security. VeriCoin features a unique combination of strengths that position it well for long term, mass market adoption.

Network Stake-Dependent Interest is the novel mechanism for minimizing inflation while maximizing incentive to participate in the network. VeriCoin features a dynamic interest rate that is dependent on the liquidity of the network.

VeriBit is a novel service that allows the user to pay for items from the VeriCoin wallet with VeriCoin - wherever BitCoin is currently accepted. This automatically makes VeriCoin the most spendable Alternative Currency aside from BitCoin itself.

VeriSend is an optional privacy service - built directly into wallet - which masks your transaction data essentially giving you the ability to remain anonymous.


Ticker: VRC
No Premine, No IPO
Minimum Transaction Fee: 0.0001 VRC (Paid to Stakers)
Confirmations: 10
Maturity: 500
RPC Port: 58683
P2Port: 58684

Minted during PoW period: 26,751,452.35 VRC
Ended at Block 20160
Block Time: 1 minute
Exponential Difficulty Retarget: Each Block
For Each Mined Block: 2,500 Coins

[Proof of Stake-Time]
Disinflation targeted interest
Min Stake Time of 8 Hours for Interest
No Max Stake Age or Amount


Patrick Nosker
Douglas Pike
David Boehm
Steve Woods

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Last update: 12/16/2017