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Unobtanium (UNO)

The original rare cryptocurrency.

UNO is a SHA256 Proof of Work cryptocurrency unique for low inflation, scarcity, a fair launch and distribution. Just 250,000 Uno will ever be mined over 300 years. Unobtanium is merged mined with Bitcoin, resulting in a secure high-difficulty blockchain that is 3x faster than Bitcoin.

Uno is rare not only in the number coins issued, but also in it's fair launch and distribution. Uno was not pre-mined. The launch was pre-announced on Bitcointalk and is indisputably fair, with the first 1000 blocks mined at low reward to provide miners time to configure equipment. There is no POS inflation. There was no stealth or ninja launch of Uno.


Ticker: UNO
Current Block: 906726
Current Block Reward: 0.001953125
Current Difficulty: 30566996.1234
Total Cupply: 250,000.00
Mined Coins: 197,624.51
Network Hashrate: 768 TH/s

Bryce Weiner Lead Developer
Blazr2 Founder
FallingKnife Manager
Learnminer Web Developer

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Last update: 12/16/2017