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Stratis (STRAT)

We Make Blockchain Easy for You.

Stratis is a worldwide operating company, formed by a distributed team of business managers, developers, consultants, marketing and sales experts. Coordinated by a strong team of blockchain experts, we combine a solid corporate structure for best business practices with the flexibility for rapid prototyping and deployment. Headquartered in the U.K. and incorporated as Stratis Group Ltd., we operate in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


Ticker: STRAT
Consensus: POS (from block 12500)
Blocktime: 60 seconds
Block reward: 1 STRAT

Chris Trew CEO, Founder
Policarpo Guerrero Director of Operations

Krushang Patel Public Relations Consultant
Richard Madras Business Development Consultant

Nicolas Dorier Stratis Bitcoin Framework Developer
Stéphane Gaudreault Developer
Dan Gershony Blockchain Developer

Chris Dunn
Rocky Darius
Dan Bainbridge

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Last update: 12/16/2017