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SolarCoin (SLR)

A Global Rewards Program for Solar Electricity Generation.

SolarCoin is an alternative digital currency with a built-in mechanism to incentivize the generation of global solar electricity. By simply mining until the PoW phase is complete and then staking SolarCoin holdings once 100% PoS is triggered while also exchanging SolarCoin (via real world use or trading on an exchange) just as you would any other digital currency, you are contributing to the development of clean renewable solar energy! Solar energy, unlike fossil fuels, does not place excess heat or carbon into the atmosphere. The creation of new renewable energy resources by SolarCoin results in a nearly carbon neutral mining footprint via the 100% Proof of Stake mechanism being created to secure the network.


Ticker: SLR
Scrypt PoW §1/Block until PoS algorithm is implemented
100% Proof of Stake: with 2% staking interest (Launch block at 830,000)
Total Coin Supply: §98.1 billion over 40 years
Coins in Circulation: §33.5 million (as of October 27, 2014)**
Starting on Block 310,000 the PoW block reward will go from §100 per block down to §1 per block and stay there until the 100% PoS algorithm is implemented
Block Targets: 1 Minute
KGW Block Difficulty Adjustment in place until PoS kicks in
140 Character Transaction Messaging
RPC PORT: 18188
P2P PORT: 18181

If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.

Last update: 01/16/2018