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ShadowCash (SDC)

The Shadow Project is an open source project aiming to be the core of privacy, where people will build decentralized applications.

Shadow is a truly unique project, spawned from Bitcoin, over 6 months of development has transformed the pseudonymous Bitcoin into the first true anonymous decentralized cryptocurrency – Shadowcash. In traditional financial terms, other cryptocurrencies represent the trackable check or card option, while Shadow is cash. ShadowSend‘s unique zero-knowledge, dual-key stealth address and ring signature protocol enables near-instant, untraceable, unlinkable and trustless transactions.


Ticker: SDC
Block time: 60 s
Difficulty re-target: every block
Nominal stake interest: 2% (PoSv3 – static inflation annually)
Min. stake age: 8 hours (no max age)
P2P port: 51737
RPC port: 51736
Min. Fee: 0.0001 SDC
Confirmations: 10
Maturity: 500

Rynomster Lead & Core Developer
crz Core Developer, Branding/Graphics, UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developer
ffmad General relations, Shadowproject Websites, Core Developer
dasource Research & Development, Testing & Infrastructure
ludx Developer, Infrastructure
Edu Media Liaison/PR, Community Manager
SebSebastian Media Liaison/PR, reddit
Code Developer, Community Manager, Software Architect
Allien Website Designer, Front-end Developer
Arcanum Media, PR

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Last update: 12/15/2017