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NeosCoin (NEOS)

Neos will Empower you to Create, Share and Monetize your Content.

Our vision and development combined provide a unique experience with rewards for creativity while building a massive source for information.

Building out a completely peer-to-peer social infrastructure will not only ensure your content is never lost or damaged, but will also keep access to it as fast as possible with a global presence. We're combining ease-of-use with unique features and controls alongside the opportunity to monetize your content.


Ticker: NEOS
Algorithm: SHA-256
Total money supply: 21 million
Block reward: 50 Neos
Block maturity: 120 confirmations
Transaction confirmations: 6
Halving: occurs every 210,000 blocks
Transaction fee: 0.00000001 Neos
Difficulty adjustment: every block using Dark Gravity Wave

If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.

Last update: 12/15/2017