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NAV Coin (NAV)

NAV Coin is a digital currency which is based on Satoshi Nakamoto's open source Bitcoin Core. The system is peer-to-peer; users can transact directly without needing a centralized authority like a bank or credit card issuer to verify transactions.

Nav Coin is the first cryptocurrency to be fully anonymous. There are a lot of partially anonymous coins, Nav Coin is different because its encryption software completely disconnects and randomises the transaction data, removing it even from an IP address. The anonymous system is built using bitcoins famous block chain technology and uses a subchain to process anonymous transactions.


Ticker: NAV
Nav Coin is an X13 Proof of Stake Coin with Anonymous Sending Capabilities.
Min Age: 2 hours
Max Age: 24 hours
Minted Blocks Maturity: 60
Stake Interest: 20% for the first year (2014); 10% for the second year (2015); 5% for each following year (2016 Onwards)
Block Spacing: 30 Seconds
Port: 44440
RPC Port: 44444

Craig MacGregor Lead Developer
Soopy Core Developer
Alex V Core Developer
Victor Jones Javascript Developer
David Quick Web Designer
Metin Wachholz Systems Engineer
Sophia Lockhart Business Strategist
Mark Sloane Marketing Manager
Petros Anagnostou Marketing Executive
Lucasz Kimber Community Manager
Mike Dour Community Manager

Joaquin Apostolo
Craig MacGregor
Petros Anagnostou

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Last update: 12/15/2017