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Myriad (XMY)

A Coin for Everyone.

Open To Anyone: Myriad is multi-algo - the first coin to implement 5 simultaneous hash functions. Unlike Bitcoin, which can only be profitably mined using SHA256d ASICs, Myriad is open to SHA256d ASICS, Scrypt ASICS, GPUs & CPUs.

Secure: A miner can choose to mine using any of the 5 algorithms — SHA256d, Scrypt, Myr-Groestl, Skein, or Yescrypt — each has a target block time of 5 minutes. Overall, a block is found approximately every 1 minute. Each algorithm's difficulty is only affected by its own hash rate. While ASICs have rendered GPU mining on SHA256d & Scrypt unproductive, the remaining algorithms continue to be dominated by GPU mining. The multi-algo approach offers exceptional 51% resistance because a range of different hardware is needed to find 51% of the blocks.

Merge mining has been enabled on SHA256d & Scrypt, allowing Myriad to benefit from the massive hash power available.

Fair Distribution: No premine or hidden fortunes possessed by insiders. Everyone has an equal opportunity to obtain Myriad at the market rate.


Ticker: XMY
Upgraded to Bitcoin 0.11.2 code base
Proof of Work: Scrypt, SHA256D, Qubit, Skein or Myriad-Groestl
Block Time: 5 minutes per algorithm (60 second average over 5 algos)
Each Algorithm has Separate Difficulty
Block Reward Halves: every 967680 blocks (about 96 weeks)
Block Reward: 1000 MYR reducing to 1 MYR ~ 20 years
Total Coin Supply: About 2 billion MYR
Difficulty Adjusts every block
Configuration File: myriadcoin.conf
Coin control Features
Time Warp Mitigation
No Premine

If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.

Last update: 12/15/2017