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LBRY Credits (LBC)

Play, Share, Earn.

LBRY is a decentralized, open-source protocol that is controlled by its users. LBRY facilitates a similar experience to services like YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV... but LBRY is entirely decentralized! Services like YouTube are centralized platforms controlled by a single corporate entity. These companies can change the rules unilaterally, as well as censor content to appease authoritarian governments or corporate partners. LBRY can never unilaterally change the rules on publishers or consumers, making it dramatically trustworthy.

The aforementioned video providers—along with P2P file-sharing clients like BitTorrent and IPFS—also do NOT support direct payments to publishers for the content or data they create and publish to the network; LBRY does, and LBRY also creates market incentives for data to be as widespread and available as possible!

Jeremy Kauffman Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Alex Grintsvayg Founder, Chief Technical Officer
Josh Finer Founder, Chief Operations & Growth Officer
Job Evers-Meltzer VP of Engineering
Jack Robison Founder, Core Developer
Alex Liebowitz App Developer
Jimmy Kiselak Founder, Core Developer
Kay Kurokawa Blockchain Developer
Reily Smith Curator

Alex Tabarrok Economic Advisor
Ray Carballada Media Advisor
Stephan Kinsella Legal Advisor
Michael Huemer Ethical Advisor

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Last update: 12/15/2017