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Espers (ESP2)

Espers is a prototype blockchain project with the goal of offering secured messaging, website on the chain and an overall pleasing experience to the user.

We've recently undergone some changes in order to offer a more robust service and overall better end-user experience with the Espers blockchain as a service project which CryptoCoderz is conducting. Among the changes are a complete swapout from the old Espers chain (known on the forum and some exchanges as ESP1) to the new Espers chain based upon BTC version 0.10+ with a blackcoin reference implmentation for the PoS feature which is now a part of the chain. The new Espers chain includes both PoW and PoS running side by side providing users with what has been come to be known in the crypto scene as a "Hybrid" token. Being hybrid allows for both miners and holders to enjoy the chain while we finish development of end-goal features which is what Espers was started for in the first place. As a side note we have not forgotten about PoR or Proof of Reliability, it is merely still in development.


Ticker: ESP (2.0)
Algorithm: HMQ1725
Max Coins: 50 Billion [ESP]
Type: PoW/PoS
Reverse-ICO: 20%
Reserved for Development: 5%
Block Time: Initially 15 Seconds | Now 3.5-5 Minutes
Block Reward: 5000 coins
Intrest: 25% annual
RPC Port: 22442
P2P Port: 22448
Auto Updater: Windows only
Auto-Generated Config: Yes
In-wallet Miner: CPU/GPU (Under Development)
Date Founded: April 12, 2016

Jonathan Zaretsky aka Enlisted Ghost Lead Developer
Jacob Worrell aka Resurgam Web Designer
Johnny aka Masterbeef Graphic Designer
Benny Yuen aka M33Lucky Public Relations Ambassador
CTGIANT Mac Developer/Asst. Developer
Jimmy aka Madness Asst. Developer
Dan Deacon aka Obavijest Asst. Developer
Gawlea Social Media Specialist
Bbobb Asst. Developer/Logistics

If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.

Last update: 12/16/2017