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Energycoin (ENRG)

It is a crypto currency like Bitcoin being cloned in 2014 of the PeerCoin the first Proof-of-stake currency.

The currency is meant to provide a platform for communities, companies and individuals to built energy applications using the inherent strengths of crypto currencies and blockchains. The purpose of the coin is to facilitate the so-called Energy Transition and the move away from fossil fuels towards local generation and renewables.

Practical examples will be published on our Blog. We believe this technology contains some key benefits over existing technologies being open source, distributed and safe it brings the technological benefits to communities who are organized the same way.


Ticker: ENRG
Algorithm: Pure PoS
Fixed PoS Reward: 5 ENRG
Difficulty: target change every block
Target Block Time: 150 seconds
Confirmations: 6 to confirm tx
Min Stake Age: 1 day
Initial Supply: 110 million, fairly distributed. No ICO.

energycoin.operations (Brian Mulder) BTCTALK OP owner
sardokan Technical and Security Advisor, the Community Manager on EnergyCoin Slack
neleonele Core Team Member
EnergyCoinDev Peter EnergyCoin Developer at EnergyCoin Dev Team
Joachim de Koning Advisor, Founder of
Anne-Marie Pronk EnergyCoin Foundation in Formation
Rob Bakker EnergyCoin Foundation in Formation
Crypto4Jan Investors EnergyCoin

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Last update: 12/15/2017