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Electronic Gulden (EFL)

The e-Gulden is an exchange, calculation and means of saving for the Netherlands.

The e-Gulden is cryptocurrency. That means the possession, use and transfer of e-guilders is based on mathematical principles safe built into the software (the Bitcoin core). E-Gulden is a Dutch version of the Bitcoin. Crypto Money (also crypto-currency) is used daily by millions of people and put to the test.

E-Guilders are linked to a unique number and only one who knows that number (or saved) is the owner of the associated email Guilders. That number is usually in a special piece of software, known as a "wallet software" which is stored an electronic purse and used. However, you do not save that number per se on a computer, but you can write it (51 characters) or print. You can also use without a computer e-Guilders.


Ticker: EFL
Premine: 50%
Proof-of-Work: Scrypt
Total Coins: 21.000.000
Blok Reward: 25
Blok Reward Halving: 210000
Kimoto Gravity Well implemented
P2P port: 11015
RPC port: 21015

If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.

Last update: 12/16/2017