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Counterparty (XCP)

Counterparty extends Bitcoin in new and powerful ways.

XCP is the native token of Counterparty. It is a technical necessity for adding advanced features to Counterparty, which by nature require a protocol aware currency. Bitcoin can only be aware of BTC, while Counterparty can be aware of both BTC and XCP itself. This makes it possible to escrow funds, trade in a decentralized manner, and harness the full potential of programmable money.

Counterparty extends Bitcoin’s functionality by “writing in the margins” of regular Bitcoin transactions, opening the door for innovation and advanced features not possible with ordinary Bitcoin software.

Robby Dermody Co-founder
Adam Krellenstein Co-founder
Evan Wagner Co-founder
Ivana Zuber General Manager
Ruben De Vries Developer
Ouziel Slama Developer

Peter Todd Technical Advisor
Paul Dravis Business Advisor
Zavain Dar Business Advisor
Marco Santori Legal Advisor
Matt Elias Legal Advisor

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Last update: 12/16/2017