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Boolberry (BBR)

Boolberry is a new cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote technology. Boolberry's major benefit is to provide much stronger privacy to both the senders and receivers of transactions. It does so by ensuring that: receivers are anonymous (the destination of a transaction can only be determined by its real recipient); Transactions cannot be linked to a single sender; instead, each transaction could have many equally possible senders, and an attacker cannot determine which one it was.

Boolberry improves upon the base CryptoNote technology in several ways that strengthen its anonymity and reduce the size of the global ledger of all transactions, called the "blockchain". It provides an aliasing facility built in to the blockchain so that people or programs can send money to, for example, "@zoidberg" instead of a long address. And it has an easy-to-use GUI wallet that ships in source and binary as an official part of the Boolberry distribution.


Symbol: BBR(Old)-XBB(New)
Algorithm: Wild Keccak (Blockchain-Based PoW hash)
Block Generation: 2 minutes
Money Supply: ~18,450,000
Premine: 0%
Default P2P Port: 10101
Default RPC Port: 10102
Developer Bounty: Up to 1% controlled by "miners" votes

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Last update: 12/16/2017