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Auroracoin (AUR)

Aurora is a currency that is not dependent on the present banking system and has its own independent value. Unlike conventional currencies, central banks cannot create Auroracoin as it suits them. Auroracoin has a fixed supply which supports the value of the currency and works against inflation.

With Auroracoin payments can be sent anywhere in a secure way. Transactions can be kept anonymous and user privacy is protected with randomly generated addresses. The transactions are kept in a public ledger that is shared between users without the need for a traditional bank.


Symbol: AUR
Block Time: 61 seconds
Algo: Multi POW (SHA256 / Script / Qubit / Groestl / Skein)
Block Reward: 2.5 AUR
rpc: 12341
net: 12340
Max Coins: 21,000,000
Premine Distributed: 5,155,372
Premine Burned: 5,344,628
Premine Remaining: 1,000,001

Pétur Árnason (Skarfur) Chairman of the Auraráð foundation (IS)
Hermann Finnbjörnsson (apcoins) Boardmember of the Auraráð foundation (IS)
Hlynur Þór Björnsson (dinobotta) Boardmember of the Auraráð foundation (IS)
Craig Dellandrea (bimmerhead) Community development (CA)
Martin Jansen (LTEX) Marketing & PR (NL)
Jess Foddrill (ny2cafuse) Developer (US)
Myckel Habets (biomike) Developer (NL)
Tom Hendriks (thsminer) Developer (NL)
Yan Crevier (soltantgris) Social Media (CA)

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Last update: 12/16/2017